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Great design is forever. Especially when it is Italian - rooted in the centuries' old traditions of architecture and interior design of this sunny and beautiful country, created by people who seem to be born with a sense of impeccable style. When equipped with the finest Italian furniture and accessories, your home or business will never look outdated and even years later will remain stylish: your sofas will be just as comfortable, lights just as bright, and accessories will not only go out of fashion, but will gain more value and become real style icons.

Our goal at IT INTERIOR (Italian Interior) is to become a connecting point between your dreams of comfort and style and professionals who can make these ideas a reality. My Italian partners and I will not only take time to understand where you are coming from, but also evaluate your space and offer design proposals in the shortest time possible. There are no limitations on what we can do. We will be happy to work with private and corporate clients in Latvia or any other country.

Attractive design, comfort and functionality are the three pillars of any interior design project!

Inese Baranova

company owner